Instructions for Signing Up

  1. Go to

  2. Click onto the "Signups" link at the top right of the page.

  3. Type in your user name. This will be the first initial of your first name followed by your last name. Example ncochran. The user name is not case sensitive.

  4. Type in your password. This will be the last four digits of your home phone number.

  5. You should now be logged into the PAC Usher application.

  6. Click the "Event Requests" button at the top of the page. This will take you to the current list of shows offered during Winter quarter. You can click onto the event title (underlined) for a description of the show. You will be able to choose two shows in Category A as part of your first six selections. You must select at least one show in Category C. After your first six selections, you can go back and pick other shows in Category A, if you desire. You will need to sign-up for at least 12 events, even if you only want to usher 6 events. We only require you to usher 6 events or however many more you want provided we still have room, but we need at least 12 selections in numerical order for the lottery to run. We always try to assign you your first or second choice. If you wish to usher more than 6 shows, you can indicate at the bottom of the sign-up form.

  7. When there is an event that has multiple show days/times - you can put the same number (choice) for all you are available to work at. For example, if there are several shows of "Cinderella" that you'd like as your 3rd choice, and you're available for all of them, but would only like to work one show, mark each show with '3'. The system then will use Cinderella as your third choice, but will only schedule you for a single show.

  8. We will put couples or carpool buddies together on the same shows that you have both selected however, you must still sign-up individually.

  9. Print a copy of the online form if you aren't ready to submit your requests yet. This way you have a paper copy to work with while you are figuring out your schedule. Come back to the online form when you are ready.

  10. After you have submitted your schedule, a screen will appear either asking you to "Confirm" your selections or to correct any errors. If you did not sign-up correctly, error messages at the bottom of your screen will direct you to go back and fix any mistakes. If there are no errors you will select "Submit" and a screen will appear telling you that you have successfully signed up for the fall events. Remember, once you've clicked the "Submit" button, you cannot go back and make changes.

  11. Questions??? E-mail Nancy Cochran at or call me at 756-7234. Good Luck!